As heads of families, fathers worldwide work day in and day out to support their families. With Father’s Day fast approaching, why not take this opportunity to express gratitude and give thanks to your father for his boundless love? Stop by Lee Gardens or visit the hy! online platform to pick the perfect present for your father, one that is thoughtful but also simultaneously practical. Go the extra mile this year and celebrate Father’s Day like never before!

【A trip down the skincare lane】

Who says skincare is exclusively reserved for ladies? Men are also exposed to skin-damaging elements on a daily basis, not to mention shaving, which may also cause skin irritation and dryness, both of which accelerate skin ageing. ACCA KAPPA, located at Hysan Place, is a century-old brand that provides men-exclusive shaving care, cologne, and exquisite facial and bathing products, among other daily necessities. Meanwhile, Inspire for Men at Lee Garden Two offers professional personal fitness training and a variety of skincare and massage treatments, ideal for fathers looking to get in shape and live more healthily. There are also sauna rooms to provide a comprehensive skincare regimen.

【Treat your hair and scalp right】

With the hot and humid climate of Hong Kong, while also factoring in the effect of hormones, men naturally have more oily scalps than women. As we approach midsummer, so comes an increasing amount of sweat and oil secretion. Ordinary shampoo may not be sufficient to thoroughly remove the oil and dirt trapped within the hair follicles, which may, in turn, become clogged and result in unpleasant odours, hair loss, and flattening hair. To avoid these issues, bring your dad to Zeva Hair Spa at Lee Garden Six or Aderans on One Hysan Avenue. Not only can your dad receive a brand-new tailored hairstyle, but also enjoy treatment programmes that will strengthen and revitalise the delicate hair strands!

【A fashion statement】

Still trying to figure out what to get for Father's Day? Perhaps a selection of fashionable clothes or items is the way to go! Puyi Optical at Lee Garden One offers different styles of sunglasses from a wide range of brands, transforming your dad into a fashion icon! On the other hand, find exquisite fashion items and clothing with diverse styles from across the globe at EXI.T, located on One Hysan Avenue. Time to spoil your dad with choices!

To help you put together the ultimate gift plan, the hy! online platform is launching the “Beauty That Transcends Seasons” discount from today until 30 June! Enjoy a 20% discount when purchasing various cosmetic and skincare products from selected brands, not to mention a wide range of beauty services! Get started on preparing a heartwarming surprise for your father!