Coucou Hotpot Brew Tea Coucou Hotpot・Brew Tea Deluxe Hotpot Set Lunch for 4 persons

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Double Broth/Meat/Vegetable/Food Combo/Staple

1. Price of the set menu includes the self-service side-dish station.

2. Lunch Hotpot Set offer is only valid from Monday to Friday, from 11 am to before 5 pm, except on public holidays.

3. Lunch Hotpot Set offer is available for dine-in orders only.

Terms and conditions apply. Please reference the details.

The booking confirmation is subject to availability. Please contact our staff before purchase to ensure the booking and the offer is available.

Please make a reservation in advance. If any changes are needed, please call the restaurant in advance.

Tel:2818 0698

Must inform staff about redemption of set menu ordered via hy! platform during reservation. Customers must show the QR code in the order confirmation email when arrive the restaurant.

Set Menu for 4 Persons

1. Double Broth(2 out of 8)

    A. Fresh Mushroom Broth

    B. Taiwanese Style Spicy Broth

+$38 to upgrade to special Hotpot Base 

    C. Fish Maw and Chicken Broth

    D. Meat with Picklod Cabbago Broth

    E. Stewed Park Trips and Chicken Broth

    F. Sichuan style spicy broth

    G. Bovine Bone with Tomato Broth

    H. Seafood Broth

2. Meat (3 out of 5)

    A. USDA Choice Beef Oyster Blade (90g)

    B. USDA Choice Beer chuck (90g)

    C. Iberico Black Pork Sliced (90g)

    D. Debaned Drumsticks Chunks Chicken (100g) and Pork Neck (70g)

    E. Balgian Pork Belly (90g)

3. Vegetable - Lunch Vacatabla Plattar (2 pcs)

4. Food Combo - COUCOU Style Combo

5. Staple(2 out of 3)

    A. Frid Dough stcks

    B. Vormmicelf

    C. Udno Noodles

Set Menu includes the Four persons of the side-dish station fee and the price is subject to the prevailing service. Upgrades broth need to pay at the outlet when redemption.

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