Eslite Spectrum (Causeway Bay) Eslite Spectrum (Causeway Bay) 「星野珠寶館手作工房」PALO SANTO Pure Healing Mist


The Palo Santo Wood is a well-known healthy wood.

Known as an ""air purifier"" in Japan, it is known for its healing powers and purifying negative energy.

1. What are the functions and characteristics of Palo Santo Pure Healing Mist?

A1. The use of Peruvian cypress itself has the effect of purifying the air. Easy to clean anytime, anywhere.

Hoshino Palo Santo Pure Healing Mist  pure dew liquid is not made of essential oil mixed with water, but made by Japan's advanced dew extraction process.

Valid for 1 year if unopened, 3 months after opening.

The smell is fragrant, and it is also very suitable for purifying indoors, cars and other places.

When can it be used?

1. Help objects purify/demagnetize

2. Use when the space feels negative energy

3. Use it when staying in a hotel and entering the room to get rid of dark and negative things

4. People who often feel scared on unfamiliar roads at night.

5. Unsettled moments

6. After someone touches your energy objects, such as crystal bracelets and other personal items, you can spray them at any time to quickly purify them.

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