Eslite Spectrum (Causeway Bay) Eslite Spectrum (Causeway Bay) 「星野珠寶館手作工房」YAYOI Moisture Mist


YAYOI Moisture Mist is a natural plant beauty essence spray. The 3-second ultra-fast way to care for the skin is known as the lazy spray in Japan.

Boat, car, travel, work, any occasion is applicable. The 80ml volume bottle is convenient to carry with you, anytime, anywhere, spray and use!

Pure natural beauty serum essence, using a combination of coenzyme Q10, PCA sodium, curacao aloe vera, silk collagen and other nutrients and plant essences to maintain moisturizing, revitalize the skin, and create a new concept of beauty spray maintenance. It is a Japanese natural product The latest product of the Institute for 2019.

Effective, easy to use, and great value for money.

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Brand Eslite Spectrum (Causeway Bay)
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