Nogara Self-Customized Perfume N°85+N°22 (With Eternal Flowers Packaging) 50mL x2

Product information

Looking for a unique gift for your family, friends, or loved one? Fragrances are a profound part of our lives and connect us to important memories. They are often linked to the good old times as well as a great present moment. They might lead you back into the warmest childhood recollection, a leisurely beach vacation, an unforgettable hug, or even more. Parisine recently launched two limited editions of Nogara's perfume sets, exquisite gift box packaging combined with eternal flower, to preserve and extend the duration of memories. We offer 10 base notes and 6 boost notes to let you customize your perfume. Besides the fragrance, you could also choose every detail followed by your own preference: perfume bottle, bottle cap and label. Before making a purchase, we highly recommend our new customers test the fragrance and make sure that they do a good search. Nogara Self-customized Perfume allows you to create your own fragrances, surprising someone you value by evoking fond memories with a personal story of scent!

More Information
Brand Nogara
Country of Manufacture France
Volume / Weight 50ml + 50ml
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