UNISEX Eau de Parfum - The Perfecto Jacket (50mL)

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It is rumored in the fashion world that the perfect wardrobe consists of less than 10 must-have pieces, each of which has marked the fashion history with its tendency to transgress genders. Timeless and full of character, they become the blank canvas on which personality, allure, and energy express themselves. In the fragrance world, perfume does not blend on the skin, it dresses it up, reveals it. The Wardrobe transcends genders and revisits the olfactory imprint of fashion iconic, through scented trails that one can fashionably associate with wardrobe basics, but which can be playfully twisted to reveal a signature of inimitable style. UNISEX Eau de Parfum - The Perfecto Jacket Leather is a timeless and elegant material with sensual power. The wearer of The Perfecto Jacket is endowed with boundless strength and confidence, which brings self-confidence and protection. Olfactory Description:Mineral Accord - Cardamom - Incense

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Brand Parisine
Country of Manufacture France
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