Moon Treats

  1. Sawahime Junmai Daiginjo(斗瓶囲おりがらみ生) 720ml Add to Wish List
  2. Nabeshima Junmai Daiginjo Kita-shizuku 720ml Add to Wish List
  3. Nabeshima Junmai Ginjo Kitashizuku 720ml Add to Wish List
  4. Narai Sake 720ml Add to Wish List

    Sake Moment Narai Sake 720ml

  5. KAMIKI MALT WHISKEY Add to Wish List

    Feather & Bone KAMIKI MALT WHISKEY

  6. Myokoshuzo Sake Set 720ml Add to Wish List

    Sake Moment Myokoshuzo Sake Set 720ml

    Special Price HK$380 Regular Price HK$450
  7. Bollinger Special Cuvée 750ml Add to Wish List

    Feather & Bone Bollinger Special Cuvée 750ml

  8. Sawaya Matsumoto Saido & Tenryou Daiginjo Tenrokuhairyo Package 720ML Add to Wish List

    Sake Moment Sawaya Matsumoto Saido & Tenryou Daiginjo Tenrokuhairyo Package 720ML

    Special Price HK$1,600 Regular Price HK$1,810

Festive Feast

  1. [Boksoondoga] Fresh Makgeolli Rice Wine 6.5% (935ml) Add to Wish List

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  4. Products under “Moon Treats” are applicable to dine-in or take-away service and are not applicable to delivery service.

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