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As low as $998

Exterior for Swiss Buttercream Frosting (for non-vegan flavors)

Butter, Icing Sugar, Liquid Egg White, Gold Foil (E175), Vanilla Extract

Exterior for Covering White Chocolate Ganache Frosting (for vegan flavors)

Vegan White Chocolate Compound, Rice Cream, Gold Foil (E175), Vanilla Extract


Non-edible Fresh Flowers for 4" cake – Ranunculus, Eustoma, Limonium

Non-edible Fresh Flowers for 6" cake – Ranunculus, Eustoma, Limonium

Cake body (Depends on the flavor of your choice)

Inspired by the exquisite flower bouquets that celebrate special occasions, the heavenly Seasonal Essence of Love boasts a blooming decor atop the gold foil-dressed cake. With sending heartfelt blessings to your loved ones in mind, fresh flowers like Ranunculus,, Eustoma, Limonium are carefully arranged to elevate the majestic outlook, perfect to surprise your beloved with a grand gesture that stays in lasting memories.

*The flower arrangement is for reference only as it could be slightly different depending on the season.

* Note that the flowers stems are wrapped with plastic to avoid cross-contamination, please gently pull the flowers out before serving. 

Term and Conditions:

- Customers will be contacted by The Cakery's staff once the order has been placed within 1-2 business days. In the case where the customer cannot be reached, the order will be automatically cancelled.

- The Cakery has a no refund and return policy. Once an order is placed, you cannot cancel or make a refund.

- Changes of delivery date can be made if they are notified at least 3 days prior to the due date. Dates can be delayed but not advanced. Please email us at

- The product photos provided are for reference only since all our cakes are handmade and use fresh flowers.

- If a disruption arises during our working hours, we will try to be in touch with our customers to work out feasible arrangements. Customers will usually need to decide if they would like to proceed with the order with a possible earlier collection time, or postpone their order. If the disruption arises unexpectedly during our off hours, some orders may be ready for collection or for delivery but some may not be ready at the previously requested time. We will communicate with each customer individually when everything resumes. However, cancellation is not possible.

- We are not accountable for any quality issue if the order has not been picked up on the designated day.

FAQ Section

Are all your cakes vegan?

No. The dietary restrictions vary depending on the cake flavors chosen.

How big are the cakes?

Mini serves 2-4 people

4" serves 4-6 people 

6" serves 8-12 people 

8" serves 15-22 people

What is the shelf life?

Since we do not add any preservatives in our products, it is best to consume within 2 days.

General Terms and Conditions

1. Please shop "Delivery Order" and "In-store Pick Up" items in separate orders.

2. If you have any enquiry regarding the products, please contact the designated merchants.

3. All transactions cannot be altered or cancelled and are not refundable nor redeemable for cash once purchased.

4. Hysan reserves the right to end or change any of these Terms & Conditions at any time, without any prior notice and without incurring any liability to any party whatsoever.

5. Hysan reserves the right of final decision in the case of any dispute.

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