ACLARAR Beauty ACLARAR Beauty Ulthera Eye

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Targets: Non-surgical alternative to a facelift To counteract signs of aging Skin sagging Wrinkles on the face, neck, and chest Drooping of the brow area Facial contouring, double chin This FDA-cleared technology permeates deeply into the fasica layer to stimulate collagen production, unlocking the key for a more youthful look overall.
The highly effective HIFU (High Frequency Ultrasoung) technology enables energy to penetrate through to deep fascia layer 3 to 4mm under skin surface, stimulating collagen regeneration to defend against skin sagging and the effect of gravity. Procedure lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. No incisions or general anesthesia needed. Minimal to no recovery time in most cases.

Promotion applies only to new females clients above 18 years of age for once.

Advanced booking requried, please WhatsApp 5208-6686.

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