In recent years, street culture, like skateboarding, hip-hop, and graffiti painting, has soared in popularity. As a staunch supporter of local Hong Kong culture, Hysan Group is joining hands with Chivas to hold a hip-hop concert at Urban Park in Hysan Place: “Chivas: The Rising at Urban Park.” With four original singles debuting at this event, the excitement and anticipation are undoubtedly palpable! 


One of the featured guests, rapper JB, drew inspiration from the theme "I RISE, WE RISE" for his creations. Let's explore his inner thoughts during the creative process! 

【I RISE: Self Expression and Street Culture Promotion】

“An individual’s success depends on a concerted effort of everyone behind the scenes, so that the individual can rise to new levels of success." 


Feeling honoured to be invited as one of Chivas’ NeW Regals, not only did JB co-created the new song “Me & My Crew” with his team, but he also collaborated with Devil to create the graffiti mural “My City” and personally designed the Chivas XV gift box – all with the aim of promoting Hong Kong street culture. 


“The key is to have fun!” said JB, who believes in the power of discovering one’s purpose in life and being passionate about one’s interests. Through his rap, graffiti, dance, and various channels, JB hopes to create resonance with the audience by sharing his feelings, emotions, and personal beliefs.

【WE RISE: Team Spirit with a Hint of Booze】

“Alcohol is one of the fuels for creativity,” explained JB. To the rapper, enjoying alcohol in a relaxed environment is a catalyst for writing the most pure, genuine, and boundary-breaking music, sparking surprising inspiration for both himself and others.


Furthermore, JB draws inspiration from how his team embodies the spirit of “I RISE, WE RISE.” “After achieving individual goals, we empower others to soar to new heights, so that we rise together,” says the “Me & My Crew” writer, singing about the camaraderie, support, and brotherhood between the team members in this new song.

【Unleashing Urban Park's Infinite Potential with Singing】

"Let's Chill, feel it!" JB is ecstatic about being able to perform with several unique rappers at Lee Gardens for Chivas and promoting the power of Hip Hop music. On 9 December, visit Urban Park to enjoy the party celebrating the beauty and nature of street culture!