Renowned illustration artist Jirayu Koo from Bangkok, Thailand, is famous for her mastery of transforming simple shapes into amusing characters while breathing new life into them, one of which is "Glom-Glom." Koo often uses this iconic, chubby, and adorable character to tell her personal story and inspire others with her positive outlook. Using bold shapes and vibrant colours to create visually impactful artwork, Koo hopes to bring joy and happiness into people's lives. 

With early influences from British painter David Hockney and Italian designer Ettore Sottsass, Koo sought to carve his path and create her own unique artistic style. Her creativity and talent have garnered attention from globally recognised brands, ranging from Apple Music  to Nike and The New York Times. This Christmas, Koo is joining hands with the Hysan Group for the very first time, bringing art which integrates sensory experiences, life aesthetics, and positivity to Lee Gardens.

【Bold Creations that Awake Our Inner Child】

Koo's distinctive style can be attributed to her unique use of colour and the palpable positivity injected into every artwork. The bold and vibrant colour combinations emanate vitality while igniting people's imagination to write their colourful stories. 

When creating the Christmas installation at Lee Gardens, Koo incorporates her fascination with musical melodies, coffee, and colours, with the hope of spreading joy, warmth, and strength of will to all families during this festive season. When exploring Koo’s art, you will often discover how her creativity is rooted in everyday family moments, depicting snippets of her personal experiences, which will silently but surely bring a smile to your face.

【Spreading Christmas Joy with Positivity】

This Christmas, Koo, accompanied by the iconic Glom-Glom, is coming to four interactive zones In Lee Gardens. Koo designed Glom-Glom to be a representation of our inner selves and a symbol of happiness and boundless optimism, hoping to remind people to embrace the positivity in life. In this Christmas edition, Glom-Glom transforms from a 2D illustration into a modern, large-scale 3D art installation, adding to the festive Christmas joy with its bright and contrasting colours.

Embrace the joy and positivity of Christmas by visiting the “Glom-Glom All The Way Christmas Party” at Lee Gardens from 30 November to 1 January, all while enjoying Christmas shopping perks and rewards! Make this Christmas extra memorable and unique with your loved ones!