Green Waffle Diner Green Waffle Diner Fermated Chili Sauce - Passionate Jalapeño Mushroom

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This chili sauce is a thrilling adventure of flavors! It brings together the organic mushroom and passion fruit along with fermented garlic, Carolla Reaper and Jalapeño Peppers to create the perfect touch of savory goodness. Don’t forget the delightful surprises of fermented honey and fermented honey garlic, adding a touch of sweetness and tanginess. 

This series of chili sauces is made with natural ingredients, additive-free and contains no preservatives. Please store it in the refrigerator after opening.

Main Ingredients:

- Passion Fruit

- Onion 

- Garlic

- Carolla Reaper


- Sea Salt

- Organic Mushroom

- Fermented Honey 

- Fermented Honey Garlic

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Brand Green Waffle Diner
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