Inspire For Men INSPIRE FOR MEN Pilates Personal Lesson (1 hour)

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Pilates combines proper breathing, awareness of the spine and horizontal, non-weight bearing exercises to restore symmetry and alignment whilst building strength and flexibility. The individual is assisted to learn and re-educate herself to isolate awareness about her own body's posture. Pilates is a complete fitness method since various Pilates exercises can be done alone aerobically. Benefits: 1) Elongate instead of building bulk muscle, thereby creating the impression of weight loss 2) Enhance body movement and circulation thereby increasing flexibility 3) Strengthen the back and abdominal muscles 4) Rehabilitate overall body coordination, balance and functional daily movement 5) Enhance mood, motivation, focus and energy 6) Offer relief from back, neck, shoulder pain and joint stress

Terms & Conditions: - The voucher is valid for 3 months after the date of purchase. - The offer is applicable to Inspire For Men new male customer aged above 18 years old. - Advance booking is required, please call 9081 8183 for reservation. - The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. - The offer cannot be exchanged for cash or other products. - In case of disputes, the decision made by the Inspire For Men shall be final.

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