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Sawaya Matsumoto Saido & Tenryou Daiginjo Tenrokuhairyo Package 720ML

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Sawaya Matsumoto Saido

Akitsu District, Kamitojo, Hyogo Prefecture― This special area has cultivated the special grade Yamadanishiki for over half a century. The Akitsu district consists of three villages of “Furuke”, “Tsuneda” and “Saido”. Our sake “Saido” is brewed from the Yamadanishiki cultivated in the Saido village located in the northernmost of the Akitsu district.

Tenryou  Daiginjo Tenrokuhairyo

Brewed by hand without being pressed by a machine. The mash is hung in a hanging bag, and the fresh sake is collected drop by drop using natural forces. Each drop is the purest essence and the sake quality remains delicate and smooth.

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