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Hot Stone Spa Treatment (40mins) Aqua Catiovital Facial Treatment (75mins) Body Massage (45mins) or Compound Meridian Body Treatment (45mins)

Free Hand Treatment + Eye Treatment

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Hot Stone Spa Treatment Stonespa is warmed up with natural mineral stone ‘God Blackstone’ which releases infrared and negative ion. The room temperature and humidity in the stonespa are maintained at 40°C-45°C and 65%-70%. This low temperature sauna is suitable for all including those who cannot tolerate the high temperature sauna. When lying on the stone bed, warmth permeates into the body and organs. It results in intensive sweating which eliminates toxins, accelerates metabolism and improves the body’s healing power.

Body Massage The clogging of the meridian and joints can lead to the internal irregularities and straining the body functions. This can dilate blood vessel to improve blood circulation, unblocking meridians, strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as restoring the body’s stretching ability.

Compound Meridian Body Treatment Compound meridian therapy accelerates the lymph flow and natural draining of lymph through massaging the meridian and lymphatic system. It enhances metabolism and blood circulation which removes excessive water and toxics from the body. It improves the symptom of edema and lightens your body. Aqua Catiovital Facial Treatment Aqua catiovital facial care can quickly replenish skin moisture and oxygen and reinforce skin regrowth and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. They can restore oxygen content and comprehensively regulate skin protection strength.

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